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Once upon a time in the vast and awe-inspiring landscapes of Australia, a dream was born. A dream of freedom, exploration, and the allure of the open road. This dream gave birth to a company known as Great Aussie Caravans. Many years later, perched around the campfire and surrounded by caravans, the dream expanded toward Motorhomes. 

Great Aussie was founded by a group of passionate adventurers who believed in the magic of creating homes-on-wheels for fellow wanderers seeking to embrace the nomadic lifestyle. Their journey began with the humble yet sturdy Caravans, designed to be the perfect companions for the road less traveled. From the very first Caravan that rolled out of their workshop, it was evident that they were onto something special.

Great Aussie Caravans are the only manufacturer in Australia to offer 100% timber free caravans, aluminium framed caravans with 100% timber free walls, floor, and roof, or traditional meranti framed caravans. Whether you are after an extreme off-road caravan or a lightweight touring van we’ve got you covered. Our extreme off-road range has been designed so you can “go your own way”, purpose built to tackle Australia’s toughest tracks. 

However, the dreamers at Great Aussie knew that their journey had only just begun. The yearning to expand their horizons and offer even more options to their beloved community of travelers ignited a new vision. Their spirit of innovation and passion for travel knew no bounds. Guided by the desire to offer the complete spectrum of greatly-inspired experiences, they are now expanding towards motorhome and hybrids as well

With decades of experience in manufacturing, testing and most importantly caravanning, we truly believe that we build the best RVs in Australia and with thousands of happy customers and multiple awards we believe you’ll agree because when you purchase a Great Aussie you don’t become a customer you become part of the family. 

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The Only Manufacturer To Offer You The Choice Of 3 Different Builds !!

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