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Fibretech is 100% a timber free shell construction, meaning your floor, roof and walls have no timber in the construction. The construction design prioritise sustainability and environmental consciousness through the utilisation of ECO-Friendly recyclable materials. These materials not only contribute to reducing our ecological footprint but also ensure that the end product is odorless, promoting a healthy and pleasant environment. In addition to its ECO-Friendly features, our product boasts a remarkable lightweight characteristic, being approximately 25% lighter than traditional framing options. This not only facilitates ease of handling during installation but also adds to the overall efficiency of the structure. Moreover, our product has been awarded a B1 Low flammability rating, ensuring a high level of fire safety. Its inherent moisture resistance makes it suitable for a variety of environments, while its chemical and corrosion resistance further enhance its durability. The use of GAC Poly board as a key component speaks to the high-quality materials employed in its construction, ensuring longevity and reliability. Additionally, our product stands out with its exclusive interlocking cabinetry, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

ECO-Friendly Materials
  • ECO-Friendly recyclable material
  • Approx 25% lighter than traditional framing
  • Moisture resistant
100% Timber Free
  • B1 Low flammability rating
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • GAC Poly board
25% Lighter
  • Odourless
  • Welded in-house
  • Exclusive interlocking cabinetry

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As a customisation expert we cater for everyone’s needs, whether it’s tackling the Gibb River Road, heading to the Cape or going on that Christmas holiday at the caravan park. 

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